Oh My Disney

Oh My Disney is an official online Disney content hub where Disney quizzes, nostalgia, news, and other Disney magic are published, shared, and discussed.

My Role: 
Art Direction, Visual Development, Character Design, Illustration

During my tenure at Disney, I was fortunate enough to work with the content team at Oh My Disney to brainstorm, pitch, and ultimately execute on a number of content pieces for the Oh My Disney blog. My role here was highly involved and ranged from ideating initial concepts,  to illustrating and helping to add to the lore and storytelling of many of the articles for the art I created.


The Abominable Snowman

What started as a doodle of the Abominable Snowman from Disneyland Park’s Matterhorn ride has become an unofficial office mascot, and has been seen gracing conference room walls and presentation slides ever since.
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1920s: Disney Style

We thought about Disney characters. A lot. Every once in a while, we took a break from pondering the now and let our minds wander to other decades, like the ‘20s. These are some of the great ones inspired by Cruella de Vil, Yzma, Ursula, Captain Hook, and the Evil Queen.


Disney Inspired Playing Cards

A set of stylish playing cards designed inspired by classic Disney characters. 

Aces — Inspired by Flower, Cruella de Vil, Chernabog, and Geppetto.
Kings — Inspired by Jack Skellington, Prince John, King Candy, and King Triton
Queens — Inspired by Queen of Hearts, Sarabi, Evil Queen, and Sleeping Beauty
Jacks — Inspired by Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, Smee, Iago, and Mushu.


Disney Princess Rockstars

Character Design of Disney Princesses reimagined as rockstars. 

Disney Princesses Reinterpreted

My character design and take on some of the classic Disney princesses.


Mid Century Modern Disney

Imaginging if some key Disney items and objects were given a Mid-Century makeover.
The Enchanted Rose, Beauty and the Beast
Prince Phillip’s Shield, Sleeping Beauty
The Sword in the Stone
The Mad Hatter’s Teapot, Alice in Wonderland
King Triton’s Throne, The Little Mermaid